Give the gift of healing to yourself or someone you love

Personal Energy Sessions By Phone

Are you blocking the good stuff in our life?  Do you often feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed?  I help you release unwanted energies that are keeping you stuck in low vibrational energy and affect your ability to remain centered, grounded and IN FLOW to create what you actually want. During this relaxing session over the phone, you will gain tools you can apply immediately in your daily life to feel better every day and move forward with more ease and less stress.  Learn how to make your energy work FOR you, rather than against you, and see positive changes occur in the most important areas of your life. All private one-on-one sessions are conducted over the phone at a scheduled time that is convenient for you.  Location is not an issue and no travel is required.

Packages Starting at $400 per month

Wellness Retreats

Custom-Tailored Wellness Retreats In Beautiful Montana To Guide You on a Playful Journey of  Discovery and Adventure in Nature’s Playground.

In a pristine location where purple mountain majesty reigns, Backcountry Breakthru Adventures brings together a unique blend of wellness experts, naturalists, and sometimes even current day cowboys, to create a personalized itinerary  that  combines daily wellness activities with exhilarating bucket list adventures for truly uplifting and unforgettable experiences designed especially for you.

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Sage Energy Cleansing in Home or Office

Ready for a change but not sure where to start? Treat your home to an energy upgrade to invite new, positive energy into your life. Your home is your sanctuary. The energy you surround yourself in the place where you begin and end your days, relax and recharge can have a tremendous impact on your life. Selling a home? Moving on from a difficult relationship or phase in your life? Out with the old energy, in with the new! Better relationships, abundance, happiness, improved health, or attracting the right partner are all possible when energy is balanced and flowing freely in your living environment. Healthy home, happy life!

THE SAGE AND STAGE EXPERIENCE - Pricing Varies Based On Travel.

Bride-Chilla Experience

An extra special experience for the bride-to-be to share with her bridesmaids before the BIG day. As a former wedding planner of 15 years with hundreds of weddings under her belt, Lauren shares wedding Zen tips and techniques to help the wedding party stay emotionally balanced while managing stress so everyone can enjoy the wedding day to the fullest.  The Bride-Chilla Experience can be formatted as a fun surprise afternoon for the bride,  or a weekend getaway bachelorette trip designed with excursions based on the group’s preferences. Champagne and strawberries are served and all participants receive a gift bag to take home.

Pricing Varies Based On Number Of Participants.

Monthly Online Coaching

Join our powerful monthly group coaching calls to shift your energy and release the blocks that are holding you back, all from the convenience of your own home! We cover topics related to abundance, taking action, health and well-being, career and life purpose, love and relationships, family dynamics and more. Bring to your conscious awareness the energies you carry with you that hinder your progress. Ask inside… “Where in your life are you settling for what you don’t want?” On these monthly calls, you’ll learn tips and techniques you can apply immediately to shift the energy to see change and results in your 3D reality!

Packages Available

Mountain Escape Retreat

A perfect excuse to disconnect, unplug and get away from it all. Pack your bag and come join us for a casual 3 day weekend retreat in a remote and pristine location in Montana.  You will enjoy log cabin lodging and the best of modern conveniences for maximum coziness and comfort in this gorgeous location at the base of the Beartooth Mountains, far removed from the hustle and bustle. This self-care focused mini vacation includes guided energy sessions and meditations, along with unforgettable seasonal outdoor excursions designed to help you balance and upgrade your energy in one of the most beautiful country settings in America. 

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Energy Renewal Session On Amethyst BioMat

Experience a unique reiki session designed to connect and align the 7 main chakras, improve energy flow, and help you achieve a deep sense of relaxation.  Lauren balances your energy with the use of crystals on the Amethyst BioMat which stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities.  Emerge refreshed with a renewed energy and a clear mind.  In Person appointments only.

Give the gift of healing to yourself or someone you love


Upcoming Meditations and Events

Lunar Meditation

You’ve probably heard the fact that our physical body is made up of more than 70% water.  Just as the moon influences the tides of the ocean, the moon phases can also have subtle affects on our energetic and physical bodies. Come learn how you can use the timing of the moon cycles to release unwanted energies and invite in helpful energies to stay mentally sharp, emotionally balanced and feel well in your physical body. This meditation is held outdoors under the moonlight seasonally, and inside during winter months. 

Chakra Healing Hike

Many times people venture out into nature because it helps them to feel better, but they don’t always know why. Active time spent in the wilderness can help us effectively cleanse our energy, gain mental clarity, and receive new insight and awareness that can help us with the next steps on our personal journey.  Join us for a very special and unique hike in the backcountry with an intuitive guide. You will learn how to balance your energy systems and release the energies that are no longer serving your highest human potential.  Experience how steps on a trail can miraculously help you step into the next version of YOU! 

Energy Cleansing For Your Home Virtual Workshop

Learn how to clear heavy, lower vibrational energy in your house and get the energy in your home flowing harmoniously. Lauren provides tips and techniques for affordable improvements you can make in different rooms of your home to attract and invite in exactly what you need in the areas of abundance, love relationship, a cohesive family dynamic, career or life purpose, and improved health and well-being. Experience how making a few slight changes in your personal sanctuary can open the flow to better living.  

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