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"Thank you for your time, energy and suggestions on how I move forward in my life. I really appreciated our phone call, you have no idea.  I felt so much better afterwards and things shifted. 
Jane V.
New york, ny
"Thank you, thank you!  Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it. I am so grateful and thankful for what you helped me overcome, it was a huge shift in the right direction. You help me unlock something so great. Yes, that missing piece. You word things so beautifully and you are so gifted.  I can now recognize the blocks that up and send them away, I am no longer afraid. What a beautiful gift. Truly truly remarkable! I feel that so many shifts have and continue to take place, a lot of upgrades and expansion.  Our session was a key component, it's really moving things in the right direction at a faster and joyful speed!
Susana T.
Burbank, ca
“When you seek for guidance or help with important things in your life, you want someone compassionate, warm, someone you feel you can connect with and Lauren is just that. Her energy is bright, loving and genuine so you feel comfortable letting her in. She has helped me understand and clear energy that was weighing me down and affecting my life.  I have been able to let go and trust that by doing so, it will lead to a happier version of me.  I am forever grateful to have found someone to help me with the things I can’t always handle on my own.” 
Sheila V.
san jose, ca
"Lauren helps me move the needle in areas of my life where I want to see a substantial improvement or a positive change. Before I began energy work with Lauren I tried other approaches but they only helped me slightly and temporarily. Then after a while, everything just went back to the way it was before. Lauren offers a safe place of love and light to help me work through my blocks so I can create lasting, positive changes for myself and my life. Lauren and I have been working together for years.  When I feel a little off, or not like myself, that’s when I make an appointment to see her. As an energy block arises, Lauren and I work together to remove it immediately before it becomes a problem for me. I avoid getting caught up in negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors that slow me down or keep me from being happy. You have to really want to do this work but as long as you are committed you can see positive results in a fairly short amount of time. It’s that simple, but not always easy. Lauren’s patience, non-judgment, and compassionate nature make her the perfect person to help you work through it all and overcome any obstacle holding you back so you can move on. This is how I work with Lauren to make sure my life stays on a healthy, happy, and positive trajectory."
Erika A.
Las Vegas, NV
"Lauren, I just want to say that Tuesday was my best day in a long time. I was able to add more than 2 hours to my work day, staying productive and feeling great. I worked until 7:15pm when I usually finish by 5pm. I was so pleased you have no idea what a difference this did for my day.  I was also able to make my afternoon meds last 3 hours instead of 2.  Thank you! Blessings!!
Janet K.
United kingdom
"Lauren is blessed with an incredible gift to extract the energy and see beyond the words that are spoken. She offers enlightenment and insight in areas where it must be divine intervention because there is no way she would have been able to offer life changing insight without a connection to the Universe."
Mary C.
Henderson, nv
"Superpowered, continuously connected, in a very short session and on short notice, Lauren peeled back my soul contract and led me to understand that no matter how much respect I wanted from others, if I didn’t respect myself more, I was going nowhere. Aha moment!"
Ken M.
Huntington beach, ca
"Lauren is an amazing healer and intuitive. She can read my energy with absolute accuracy and clear my blocks in a very effective and powerful way. Lauren has helped me several times during times in my life that were difficult and I couldn’t see a way out, or if things in my life didn’t work out the way I wanted them to. Once she cleared my hidden blocks and the related energy, the situation completely changed and improved for me. I always leave our sessions feeling light and happy. She has been able to help me with whatever problem or obstacle I’ve faced in my life." Mary N.
Mary N.
Las Vegas, nv
"When I started working with Lauren I did not have success in my career. I am making documentaries and didn’t get the recognition and success I wanted. After Lauren cleared the blocks that were in the way during the process of making my latest documentary, it got astonishing results! My documentary has now won multiple international first prizes at highly recognized film festivals and has been successful beyond my wildest dreams. I would never think this could happen when we started the clearing work and I am so grateful and relieved that this went so overwhelmingly well. So, if you have a block that is keeping you from success in your career or chosen field of work, Lauren is the right consultant to book sessions with. You will be amazed at all the positive shifts she is able to help you create in your life."
Mari B.
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